Khadak Roti – Secret Source of North Karnataka’s toughness

By Team Total Karnataka | Sept  06, 2016

North Karnataka cuisine can be primarily found in the northern districts of Karnataka which include Hubballi-Dharwad, Bijapur, Gulbarga, Belgaum, Bidar, Yadgiri, Bagalkot, Raichur,Davangere,Gadag, Haveri, Koppal and western and northern areas of Bellary. The cuisine is also considered a specialty in the cities of Southern Karnataka like Bengaluru and Mysuru, with several restaurants offering this cuisine to meet the growing demand. now makes such North Karnataka foods available on line in its endeavour to introduce small, medium and rural enterprises to ecommerce market place.

Following is the typical menu of a vegetarian Northern Karnataka meal: Jolada rotti- Thin flatbread  usually made from maize flour, baked on fire or iron skillet and dried.  Small brinjal bulbs stuffed with dry stuffing including ground peanut, ground sesame, ginger, garlic, garam masala, salt, and then sauteed with onions and other spices are used as a side curry along with the rotis. Aubergine is also substituted with any other suitable vegetable, popular sweets and desserts   A variety of powder/dry chutney made from ground peanut or sesame is also used along with dried rotis. Red chutney paste made of red chillis, consumed as a condiment, whole or sprouted mung bean, cooked with greens such as methi, spinach, and sauteed with onions, ginger, garlic and other spices is also common as a side dish. Salad involving yogurt,raw salads  of scallion, onion, green chili, methi leaves, sometimes with boiled rice and lentil soup made with pepper, cumin, coriander seeds,  tomatoes or tamarind goes well with roti and curry.  Fully dried rotis that have shelf life of over 6 months are made in bulk and preserved for future use as well as transportation during journeys. Detailed recipe for making Jowar Roti or Jolada Rotti can be seen on


Masala Cakes made from Channa Dal powder Raw Green leafy vegetables- Spinach, Methi (fenugreek), Raw Vegetables- Radish, Cucumber, Onions, Carrots, Green Chillis etc., are also consumed as part of North Karnataka Foods.

Total Karnataka (   offers North Karnataka Foods made by native cooks of Hubballi region, through its effort to online the un-onlined small, medium and rural enterprises. Every purchase made through “Total Karnataka – Onlined” platform benefits in someway a community of rural folks  who thrive on the work they know the best through generations and fighting for its continuity.



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