Canvas Bags – for Style and Functionality

By Team Total Karnataka | Dec 19, 2016

Say NO to plastic. Carry a cotton canvas bag when you go shopping. It is eco friendly, trendy and functional. It comes in vivid colours, convenient sizes and variety of styles. In our mission to enable small, medium and rural enterprises to offer their products online, we have now enabled small manufacturers of cotton canvas bags who make a living on them.  Our intention is to open a ‘window to the world’ for their effort  through, e-commerce market place for specialty products of Karnataka.

Hand Bags:

Hand bags made of heavy cotton canvas or Jute with a convenient handle and adequate capacity has become popular for shopping of groceries as well as fruits and vegetables.  With the increasing awareness around eco-friendly habits, plastic bags are given a go-by and cotton bags are an ÝES-BUY’.  These hand bags are now available as convenient  ‘Tote Bags’ with double handle that are  easy to carry, sling bags for style with adjustable strap lengths and colours to match ones wear.

Tote Bags:

Tote bags are made of tough cotton canvas dyed in vivid, fast colours and stitched in different shapes and sizes to create variety.  They are printed with simple, yet elegant designs to make them attractive.   With zip to close or a magnetic button to hold the flaps close, they are extremely convenient shopping accessories. They also possess an inner pocket or an outer pocket or both, making it convenient to carry money or small stuffs. They could be made of pre-printed canvas as well that gives a uniform all around look  and provided with a convenient handle. Sometimes, they are also lined with a layer of cotton or linen inside to provide smooth finish. These bags can be carried on the shoulder or arm for style, otherwise held by the hand for convenience.

Sling Bags:

Sling bags are also made of cotton canvas and come with an adjustable strap to suit the height of the person. It is a convenient accessory to carry cash, small purse and the mobile phone these days.  It adds to the trend and style of the millennials, making them look attractive whether carried on one shoulder or draped as cross-shoulder accessory that forms part of the outfit.



Gifting ideas:

Tote bags are also now used as marketing tools with the company Logo stamped and messages printed on them. Used for gifting and promoting the product or the company itself, these are eco-friendly options, promoting the local artisans or small entrepreneurs, rather than using mass produced multinational brands.

Total Karnataka ( offers cotton canvas bags made by rural or urban small tailoring outfits engaged in producing them, through its effort to online the un-onlined small, medium and rural enterprises. Every purchase made through “Total Karnataka – Onlined” platform benefits in some way a community of artisans or small entrepreneurs who thrive on the hard work that they know off.



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