Areca Wood – Picket Fences: eco friendly and elegant

ARECABANNERBy Team Total Karnataka | Mar 16, 2017

Areca Palm tree is a divine tree,   very much like  coconut tree in its structure, shape, characteristics and usefulness.  Every part of the tree is usable starting from its  trunk to leaf to nuts whether it is dead or alive.  Aged trees of 30 to 50 years, falling off naturally or due  to rough weather are the source  for Areca Wood.

Areca Plam trees are a natural choice for picket fence due to their longitudinal grain structure and shape.  Well grown trees are subjected to regular sunshine as well as  heavy rains for decades and possess higher strength as natural wood. These have been used as raw material for fencing in rural areas for many years even without treatment and tested. It is very common to use Areca Palm trees in full and vertical slices to construct platforms for drying Areca Nuts in Areca growing areas.

Picket Fence, made of Areca Wood, seasoned for strength and treated for termites are an excellent choice for an aesthetic look and are unique possessions  unless commercially available metal pickets.


Standard pickets can also be used as a decorative wooden front on top of metal gates for enhancing the richness of  look and additional reinforcement. Pickets can also be  used directly without a metal frame to make  small  entrance gates which gives a traditional look. Applications are only limited by the imagination of the mind with Areca Palm wood pickets

Picket fences can be assembled easily by joining the modules of 5’ width and 3’ height to form any  required length  for external application such as garden fencing. Standard pickets of 2” width and 2.5’ height with  taper at the top are available either in assembled condition of 5’ X 3’ module or with parts and fixing instructions.

Another variation of the picket fence is a smaller version using 2.0” width X  18” height, primarily for indoor application such as partitions in  Kids play area, restaurants and offices.


Picket Fence: For Gardens, Play Area, Internal Decorations

Material: Made of Areca Palm trees

Standard size: Height :  3 ft,  Width : 5ft

Standard Colour:  White or Natural Finish

Direct Link:


  • Made of carefully selected Areca Palm Trees
  • Seasoned for strength and durability
  • Cut & trimmed to standard specifications by experts
  • Anti-termite treatment done
  • Painted natural colour of white for aesthetics and protection
  • Painted for water proofing and shine
  • Standard 5ft X 3 ft modules for Gardens
  • Custom made for indoors



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