Tender Mango (Appe Midi)

By Team Total Karnataka | June 11, 2018

Every mango season evinces special interest in people of many different types. Some crave for eating king of fruits in full, some look for the mouth watering recipes made of raw mango and there are select few making calls to find where to get special tender mangoes or Appe midi (Midi in Kannada means tender mango and ‘Appe’ is a special variety, most suitable for pickling)

What is so special about ‘Tender Mango – Appe Midi’ pickles?

Any tender mango of suitable size in its full farm can be pickled and made in to ‘Tender Mango pickle’. However, it is ‘Appe Midi’ variety of tender mangoes that make special pickles due to its unique flavour, keeping quality, and texture. Its limited availability makes it even more precious and so the reason people go after it during the season.

Tender mango pickle making requires extra care. The special variety of ‘Appe Midi’ bunches have to be carefully chosen, brought home and segregated, cut the stem carefully, wipe it with soft dry cloth and make it ready for pickling. The traditional method of mixing it with salt and allow it to shrink in size makes it ready for mixing with chilli and other masala powder.


Karnataka is famous for its tender mangoes, of which “Appemidi is the king of all tender mangoes as far as its use in pickle industry is concerned. Since the supply of appemidi meets only one-tenth of demand in the market, they are often mixed in with ordinary tender mangoes.

The mango’s unique size and taste makes pickle one of the best in India. The appemidi is not just an ordinary mango its fragrance is so strong that adding just a few midis to an ordinary pickle can change its taste and smell.

For more details refer to the research paper on tender mangoes. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/277814318_APPEMIDI 


Total Karnataka ( https://www.totalkarnataka.com/special-tender-mango-pickle-500-gms.html )   offers Pickles as a category that are made by a rural, small scale industry, Kakal Food Industries, using home technology, much like the preparation of grand-mothers in the heritage way. Total Karnataka, through its effort to online the un-onlined small, medium and rural Enterprises, introduces such products to market and makes it available for those who like it.

Every purchase made through “Total Karnataka – Onlined” platform benefits in someway a community of small, rural enterprises who thrive on marketing of their produce at fair price for their livelihood and the life of those dependent on them.


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