Millets for Weight Loss

By Team Total Karnataka | Oct 24, 2016

Millets are becoming extremely popular as they are a rich source of fibre as well as protein. Studies have shown a direct linkage between consumption of millets and weight loss. Millets are also helpful to control diabetes due to the slow release of sugar into the blood after the breakdown of food. Millets of different varieties are now made available online through  to help people buy millets on a regular basis sitting at the convenience of their home. Once can now plan their monthly needs and order different varieties of millets in small quantities and get them delivered home through

Millets are small-seed gross variety, grown in semiarid tropical regions of Asia and Africa. They have a short growing season and grow under dry, high-temperature conditions, demanding less water for cultivation. As per Wikipedia (  Millets have been important food staples in human history, particularly in Asia and Africa. They have been in cultivation in East Asia for the last 10,000 years.


How do Millets help reduce Weight Loss?

Dramatic results have been seen in weight loss by consuming Millets in just  20 days. As everyone knows weight gain happens due to high intake of carbohydrates like sugar and starch. Rice contains 80% of these and sugar gets released in just half an hour to blood stream. Whereas Millets contain fibre and protein and also take at least 10 hours to release sugar into blood stream as per studies. Naturally, Millets are a weight loss food supplements compared to consumption of Rice and even wheat.

How do Millets help reduce Diabetes?

Diabetes occurs in humans as a metabolic disorder in which a person has high blood sugar (glucose), either because of inadequate insulin production by the body, or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin produced or both.

Millet’s high fibre content slows down digestion and release of sugar into the bloodstream at a more even pace.  Thus a healthy diet made of millets provides highest quality of nutrients and is low in fat and moderate in calories benefitting diabetic patients to help manage their blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol.

How to prepare Millet recipes?

Preparing Millet recipes are much similar to that of rice except that Millets have to be soaked at least for half an hour for them to become tender before cooking them.  Just like rice, cooking in pressure cooker or open vessels by adding 3 cups of water to one cup of millet provides fluffy dish ready to serve.  Adding vegetables and spices to cook bisi-bele-bath, kichadi or pulav is also possible and it tastes even better than rice cooked dishes.

It’s time you start using millets instead of imported, processed, branded Oats with a hope to reduce weight and control diabetes.  A switch to the millets might just be light on your pockets and heavy on nutrients. Going  back to roots is the best way to manage health and  fight the global onslaught of branded goods. enables small, medium and rural enterprises who are growing and distributing such healthy food grains as part of its endeavour to introduce them to online market places.  This will also benefit the consumers to get good quality food supplements at reasonable prices delivered to door step on a regular basis every month against online orders.




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